• Tanya Kostetsky

Meet the Lady of the Haus


Meet the lady of the Haus - Tanya Kostetsky, a.k.a. TK.

After receiving her BA in Marketing from Texas State University, Tanya made the move to Houston and fell in love. H-Town’s scrappy, underdog character, creatives on the

come up, and infinite diversity stole her heart and inspired her work, especially supporting the city’s food & beverage producers. After seven years supporting local brands hard and cutting her teeth as a marketing manager at Whole Foods Market, TK took the reins and rode hard as marketing director at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. And while she loved a lot about her work, something was missing . . . eventually, she couldn’t ignore the whispers (ok, screams) of her entrepreneurial spirit. Combining her traditional marketing education and her hard-won lessons from the working world, TK launched her first company in 2018, Third Coast Cacti, and then her second, Design Riot. Forged in the fiery hellscape that was 2020, Content Haus was born - because TK was never one to shy away from a challenge - and then along came YOU! And we’re glad you’re here! TK’s partners add big flavor to the mix, from beverage-industry insiders to daring designers and illustrators to wordsmithing wizards.

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