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Canva Hacks ⚡️ Canva Docs & Magic Write Feature 🪄

Where are all my Canva users at? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Canva has made the lives of non-designers (and designers, too… but especially non-designers!) SO much easier.

It’s affordable. It’s reliable. It’s a beautiful thing that we love.

… but I’m willing to bet that there are TONS of capabilities inside Canva that you DON’T know about, or don’t know how to use most efficiently. 😳

Here’s one of my favorites… (plus, it’s a newer feature!)


Now, this isn’t an outright design feature, but man is it neat-o.

You can do a buncha different things in Canva Docs, but one of my favorites has to be the Magic Write feature. 🪄

Listen — I know this might sound like a controversial unpopular opinion coming from a content strategist & social media professional, but here’s the thing: AI software is a great starting point for getting the ball rolling when it comes to content creation, specifically for:

⚡️topic brainstorming

⚡️beating writer’s block

⚡️saving time

⚡️lowering the barrier to entry for creating consistent content

Will it ever fully replace an IRL human’s brain & creativity? F*ck no! But it’s totally useful for what it is.

Here’s how to access the Magic Write feature:

👉Go into Docs from the Canva homepage

👉Click the + symbol

👉Prompt the AI bots at Canva to help you write a caption, story, email, or other piece of content!

Bada bing, bada boom. Easy as that.

And that’s your free tip of the day, #onthehaus 😉🧡

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