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Half of all marketers say they outsource some content marketing — what’re you waiting for?

Literally half (yep, as in 50%) of marketers say they outsource some of their content marketing needs.

How ‘bout you?

Outside of the more obvious, human-esque reasons to outsource your content, like…

😔You don't like social media, or blogging, or emailing. At all.

😔Your mental health is in the shitter.

😔You're on the highway to Burnout Bottom.


There’s also the very important business-related reasons, too — that I’d be totally doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention.

If your content…

⚡️Isn’t generating leads

⚡️Isn’t cohesive with your message

⚡️Isn’t being created or published consistently

⚡️Has no real purpose or strategy behind it

… then it’s time to either buck up and DIY it or hire up if you don’t wanna. And hey, there’s zero shame in that game. That’s why content cowgirls like myself are here! 🤠

If you're looking to outsource because you want to see more attraction and action from your content…

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