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How to create bomb AF, on-brand content pillars


Content pillars are 🔑to making content brainstorming less of a headache, more on brand and MOST IMPORTANTLY, what your dream people want to hear.

Let’s get into it.

💥Step 1: Define your brand's mission, values and target audience: In case you haven’t done this already, get to it friend! Having these things on lock will ensure that your content pillars are aligned with your brand's overall messaging and goals, AND your dream clients’ goals, problems, needs and dreams...

💥Step 2: Brainstorm relevant content ideas and platforms: Considering the above (and what you do for people!), jot down what topics and themes align with your message and your dream client’s current situation. Then, think about where they hang out and what they like to consume (e.g. blogs, vlogs, short-form videos, podcasts, etc.) to deliver that content.

💥Step 3: Group content ideas into themes: Once you have a list of potential content ideas, group them into themes or topics that reflect your brand's messaging and resonate with your dreamies. These themes should be broad enough to allow for a range of content ideas but specific enough to give direction to the content creation process. Think: Hot takes, your background/journey, easily implementable tips, your offers, client case studies, lifestyle content.

💥Step 4: Narrow it all down to develop content pillars! Using the themes as a guide, develop a set of content pillars that make sense to guide your brand's content creation strategy. Your content pillars should reflect your message, mission, values and provide a clear framework for the platforms you’ll be creating content...

💥Step 5: Refine and adjust: Your brand is going to change over time, just like you will as an individual. As things evolve, it's important to refine and adjust your content pillars to keep up with how you and your brand have grown. This might mean adding or removing themes, adjusting the messaging or tone of the content, or gearing your content to a different audience.

Orrrr, if you want an expert guiding you in the right direction for your content based on your big goals, dreams and living your badassery to the fullest…

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