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How to maximize your content’s impact

It’s not all about what you post to your grid. This is just ONE piece of the puzzle, y’all.

Where else, and how else, are you showing up in your content marketing?

Things like…

👉Showing up on your stories

👉Replying to comments

👉Responding to your DMs

👉Nurturing your email list

👉Creating videos for your YouTube channel

👉Releasing new podcast episodes

… and wherever else you create content. You can outsource a lot of it, sure, but at the end of the day, people follow YOU for YOU—not for who you hire to manage your socials or execute your content marketing strategy.

No one can show up in stories, videos, or lives for you. Only you can do that. And a surefire way to have more capacity to do so?

⭐ ️ By outsourcing the areas where you struggle to be consistent the most, so that you can focus on showing up in the ways ONLY YOU can.

Ready to make your content have a bigger impact? This content cowgirl is ready for this rodeo when you are. 🤠

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