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Quality content alone won’t get you results

Updated: Jan 5

#realtalk: I’ve always been a quality > quantity kinda person. But quality content alone won’t get you the results you’re looking for…

There's more to a stellar content strategy than posting well-written and visually effective content on the reg.

🤠Above all, your QUALITY CONTENT needs to be seen by QUALITY HUMANS.

Here’s how to do just that —

⚡️ Follow your dream people (AKA your dreamies)

This might seem like a “doiii” moment, but for real. Are you following the people you’d love to work with? Bonus points: this will increase your SEO and reach as your account starts getting suggested to more of those types of accounts.

⚡ ️ Engage with newer members of your community

Not in a gross, cold DM, MLM boss babe kinda way. And no, this isn’t the same thing as lead generation, either. Set aside some time every day (even if it’s just 10 minutes) to connect with people rather than just seeing them as a sale or conversion point.

⚡ ️ Engage with the people who are in your "least interacted with" and "most interacted with.”

To find this info, click on ‘Following’ and these two sections will be right at the top. Visit profiles from both of these categories and engage with them to build or start new connections with folks who are already in your audience.


Yes. ALL OF THEM. Don't be like the cool kid from high school and feel “above” responding to people. It’s a simple act of kindness and building rapport with the people who are in your 🌎 and happy to be there.

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