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The 411 on blog content

🎶 Let’s talk about blogs, baby 🎶

F*ck what you might’ve heard — blogs aren’t dead, y’all. In fact, they’re alive, living, & well. (Burning down the Haus, if you will.)

According to the folks over at Search Engine Journal, there are 70 million (!!!) new blog posts EACH MONTH (yowza), and 90% of businesses used blogs to help market their brands within the last 12 months.

So just because social media has become an essential part of content strategy, that doesn’t mean blogs have been left in the dust.

Here are just a handful of reasons why blogging is still a beast, in a big way:

🔌 Blogging builds loyalty & trust with your audience

Yep, on an even broader scale than social media. Why? Because it directly proves your expertise, authority, & trustworthiness, which Google likey. Higher on Google = more likely to be seen and clicked on.

🔌 Blogging increases visibility & brand awareness. 

Back to Google (& search engines in general) — blogs that answer the questions folks are asking, with highly searched keywords, images, and concepts — will up your visibility, and in turn, your brand awareness. The more you & your team stay on top of what’s trending and what your target audience is looking for, the more likely you are to be seen.

🔌 Blogging drives engagement.

Blogs open the window of opportunity for both savable AND shareable content, which will increase your reach, viewership, engagement, and ultimately, your customer base — especially if you’re creating damn good content. 😉

🔌 Blogging is a foundation for other content.

Short-form content (like social posts & emails) are MUCH easier to create when you have long-form content to pull from. Why reinvent the wheel when you can repurpose hauteee content you’ve created?

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