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Why advertising doesn’t work on social media

“Why the f*ck aren’t my social media ads working?!”

Yeeeeesh. It’s not fun putting money on the line to amplify your products, services or offers… to only be left with a hole in your pocket and no conversions to show for it. 🥴

Here are 3 very different and very big reasons why advertising on social media might not be going so hot for you…

🛑Ad-fatigue: We all know people are bombarded with ads on social media every day. I’m tired of ‘em, you’re tired of ‘em, we’re all tired of ‘em — well, at least the ones that are super irrelevant to us. Your audience is in the same boat. Even if you’re reaching the right people, they still might be ignoring it because they are tired of seeing ads.

🛑Ineffective targeting: On the flipside, maybe the right people DO want to see what you have to offer (especially if they’ve been in your sphere for a while), but if your ad settings aren’t fit for the right people… Houston, we have a problem. The wrong people aren’t going to click, no matter how badass your offer is.

🛑Lack of trust: Who wants to buy something they saw on an ad from someone they’ve never seen before? Social media users may not trust the ads they see on social media, especially if they are not from brands they are familiar with. Even if your ad is sexy AF and targeted at the right people, you might not get the clicks you’re looking for because your target audience doesn't trust the source.

Ready to be done with the whole throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall strategy with social media marketing?

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