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3 ways to combat burnout in your content creation game

Here’s a lil secret for ya, pals: Even professional content strategists like me can feel burnout from content creation….

“Say it ain’t so!” 😱

YEP, it’s unfortunately true. Whomp whomp.

Thankfully, professionals like myself have been around the block enough times and come head-to-head with the ol’ burnout behemoth 👹, that we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to keep burnout at bay (as best as possible, that is).

So whether you’re feeling on the edge or in the thick of burnout, here are my greatest words of advice:

1️⃣Use a content calendar or schedule to plan out your content in advance.

UGH, I know I know. Content calendars? ‘Blegh’ to lots of folks. But here’s the thing: there’s freedom in structure. My ADHD brain hates to admit it at times, but it’s true — very true.

And it doesn’t have to be super formal, fancy, or serious, either. This isn’t a scripture for you to live and die by to a T — it’s a blueprint for you to follow and adjust as you go, if needed. Even just planning a week or two in advance will take a ton of burden off your shoulders.

2️⃣Get funky with it!

Experimenting with new ideas and new ways of creating content can actually make the process FUN again, and creative at its core. (Like how it was SUPPOSED TO BE, all along!)

There are tons of brainstorming tactics and content creation tools & resources on the interwebs and social media. Try something new on for size this month, see how it feels. Don’t box yourself into the same ways of doing things just for the hell of it.

3️⃣ Collaborate with others and/or outsource your content needs!

Y’know I had to mention it. 😉 Collaborating is the spice of work life, baby! It’s motivating, it’s inspiring, it’s less work!

And what’s even LESS work for you is outsourcing your content strategy and creation to a professional, kinda like yours truly. 🙌

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