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We're content creators for contemporary brands, serving up strategy & solutions for the digital space.



We help brands develop their unique, authentic voice through compelling and consistent messaging on the digital channels that best serve your brand. The Content Haus team leverages both traditional business & marketing best practices AND a finger on the pulse of the latest digital trends and cultural zeitgeist. 


Monthly subscriptions allow you to put your social media on cruise control so that you can concentrate on your business.


Our team will install the systems, load your content libraries, and even manage your community engagement.


With multiple package levels available you can choose how much work to get off your plate.​


In addition to static photos, we also produce video & animated content. We'll help you establish the systems and set up a content library for you to pull from.

⚡️ Canva Brand Kits & Templates

⚡️ IG Reels, Stories, Posts

⚡️ TikTok Video Editing

⚡️ FB Posts, Events, Stories

⚡️ Youtube Video Editing

⚡️ Email Copy & Graphics

⚡️ Website Design & Maintenance



Are you a new company seeking to establish a digital presence?


Or perhaps you are looking for an easy way to create content?


Our systems have been designed to accommodate clients of all sizes and industries.


Additionally, we provide owners with training to assist them in setting up the system so that it can be operated independently for the long run.

Choose from our 3 subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions allow you to put your social media on cruise control so that you can concentrate on your business.


This subscription lays the #basic foundation that you can use as a map or as a launch pad. From educating your audience about your services, promotions, FAQs, & the best ways to find/contact you. 


Subscriptions start at $850 / month

We offer a comprehensive and highly customized social media solution for businesses that need more than just the basics and are looking to grow their audience and build community.



Subscriptions start at $4,500 / month




Communities are important because they promote engagement. Every active engagement brings users closer to your brand. Nowadays, most social media managers focus on content, while community managers promote audience engagement. The insights gained from social listening and sentiment analysis can help inform content strategy and customer service improvements.



Subscriptions start at $2,500 / month


Meet Tanya Kostetsky, lady of the haus.

After receiving her BA in Marketing from Texas State University, Tanya made the move to Houston and fell in love. 

H-Town’s scrappy, underdog character, creatives on the come up, and infinite diversity stole her heart and inspired her work, especially supporting the city’s food & beverage producers. 


After seven years supporting local brands hard and cutting her teeth as a marketing manager at Whole Foods Market, TK took the reins and rode hard as marketing director at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. And while she loved a lot about her work, something was missing . . . eventually, she couldn’t ignore the whispers (ok, screams) of her entrepreneurial spirit. 

Combining her traditional marketing education and her hard-won lessons from the working world, TK launched her first company in 2018, Third Coast Cacti, and then her second, Design Riot. Forged in the fiery hellscape that was 2020, Content Haus was born - because TK was never one to shy away from a challenge - and then along came YOU! And we’re glad you’re here! 


TK’s partners add big flavor to the mix, from beverage-industry insiders to daring designers and illustrators to wordsmithing wizards.


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CH Website HERO.png


Most of our clients are small/medium-sized businesses looking to define their brand voice, refresh their visual identity, scale their social-media footprint, and strengthen their marketing strategy . . . without taking on full-time hires.

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ready to grow your digital presence?

Our savvy serves your strategic goals with solutions that are customized, easy to implement, & always en vogue.

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