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Howdy, meet Content Haus!

It’s about damn time we introduced ourselves, huh?

Welcome to Content Haus, party people! I’m Tanya Kostestky (aka TK)—Lady of the Haus, if you will. But before there was Content Haus, there was… well, a lot of other 💩— the good kind.

After receiving my BA in Marketing from Texas State University, I made the move to Houston and fell in love with its scrappy, underdog character and creatives on the come-up. H-Town’s infinite diversity stole my heart and inspired my work, especially supporting the city’s food & beverage producers.

After seven years supporting local brands hard and cutting my teeth as a marketing manager at Whole Foods Market, I took the reins and rode hard as marketing director at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. And while I loved a lot about my work, something was missing. Eventually, I couldn’t ignore my entrepreneurial spirit's whispers (ok, screams).

And thus, Content Haus was born. 🔥

Content Haus is a boutique marketing agency specializing in digital marketing strategy & content creation for small businesses — with a hell of a lot of flair.

Our approach to content leverages both traditional marketing best practices AND a finger on the pulse of the latest digital trends and cultural zeitgeist, to bring you damn good:

⚡️Content production

⚡️Social media management

⚡️Consulting & coaching

⚡️Advice, puns, & recs for the best drinks + food you should be consuming

Our clients are some of the raddest people we know — contemporary brands located right here in TX and beyond.

Will yours be next? 😏

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