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WTF is Content Strategy?

Let’s talk about where to start with defining your own content marketing strategy. ⚡️ Before you get tooooo excited and dive head-first into creating tons of content just for the hell of it, let’s get a few very important questions answered so that your content hits home with the right folks. Because, y’know, nobody wants to work their 🍑 off for nothing. 😅 3 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER BEFORE CHOOSING YOUR CONTENT MARKETING PLATFORMS 👉 01) WHO ARE YOU CREATING CONTENT FOR? Are you creating content for just one audience or multiple audiences? What are their wants, needs, desires, & values? The solutions they’ve already tried? All this to say, getting super familiar with your target audience truly is the 🔑to unlocking your haute content marketing strategy. 👉 02) WHAT PLATFORMS ARE THEY ON? There are few things as 💩than a joke that just doesn’t land. Same goes for content. Not ALL of your content will be a masterpiece, but the last thing we want is for your content to fall flat, consistently. The best way to solve this is by knowing loud & clear where your target audience(s) are spending their time. And no: it’s not ALWAYS Instagram. 👉 03) WHAT PROBLEM(S) ARE YOU SOLVING FOR THEM? Or, better yet, what aspirations are you filling for them that nobody else can? Or, at least, can’t do it nearly as well as you can? Having a strong pulse on your target audience’s problems, annoyances, desires, and aspirations will allow you to cater your content toward educating them on your area of expertise FIRST, so you can build trust with them and the solutions you provide for them. Hello, brand awareness, loyalty, & trust! 👆 Want more golden nuggets like these? Make sure you have notifications on 🔔 so you never miss a post from us. And for all you overachievers out there, join the email list at the link in bio for even more exclusive damn good content about damn good content. 💸

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